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The chanting from a temple, a recording of a tabla drum that seems to be on a continuous loop, car horns, train horns, a car security alarm, the shouting of vendors, an election vehicle with a loudspeaker, an advertising vehicle with a loudspeaker,  temple bells, truck horns, trains, bicycle bells, kids yelling, a baby crying, telephone ring tones playing Bollywood tunes, rickshaw engines, car horns again, the ding-dong at my hotel door from the waiter with the lunch menu – no thanks, for the second time, the ding-dong at my hotel door from the four hotel staff who have come to change a single light bulb, the humming fan in my hotel room, more car horns, the hawking and spitting of some guy in the street downstairs, the yelling of staff cooking in the hotel kitchen, the banging of a metal object, the car horns, did I mention the car horns?

Some things you just can’t photograph. Killing time in Balasore, India while waiting to go to the railway station.