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This is surely the mildest winter in Helsinki since I first came here more than 30 years ago. I’ve been cursing the mountains of snow over the last three winters, but a bit of reflected light wouldn’t go amiss! It will probably descend when we are least expecting it, and then I’ll be cursing it again.

Meanwhile, I began idly looking through the archives again and, perhaps in reaction to the grey sky outside, I settled on my pictures of stormy Norway during our cruise on the Hurtigruten coastal ferry in July 2012. I began to play with settings and presets in Lightroom and almost subconsciously concentrated on the shots with the most dramatic, apocalyptic skies. The monochrome versions below are what I came up with. Very Ibsenesque, I thought, but desperate clouds shot through with hopeful light.

Pretentious, moi? Whatever. Spring is coming. Here are the pictures:

norway-0729 norway-0718 norway-0454 norway-0400 norway-0384 norway-0358 norway-0337 norway-0125 norway-0119 norway-0078 norway-9969 norway-9932 norway-9870 norway-9868 norway-9806 norway-9702 norway-9546These shots were all taken with my Canon EOS5D Mark II with 24-105 and 100-400 zooms. Yesterday I made the final break with the EOS system and exchanged the 100-400mm for a Fujifilm X-E2, the latest component of my new mirrorless and refreshingly portable system. Looking at these shots I made some mental notes as to whether I could produce the same material with the new cameras. Sure I could.

I haven’t picked up the new body yet, but I’m looking forward to sharing my first shots. But bearing in mind the weather, don’t be surprised if they are either night shots or are somewhat monochromal in character!

Oh, and happy new year! I’m trying to get the year off to a creative start but the rest of Finland is stuck in endless Christmas holidays.