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This week, something different. I haven’t got into videos as much as I probably should and maybe it’s time to do something about that. It still wouldn’t be my preferred medium – I like the “capturing the moment” challenge of stills photography, the act of slowing things down. But it’s still fun to make the occasional short film and to try to make it enjoyable and even informative. You’ll find one below.

In June I was in Sarawak, the Malaysian side of Borneo, so do some shooting for the tourist board. One of the projects I visited was the green turtle conservation station in the Talang Satang National Park. Volunteers can visit and spend time but it’s generally not open to tourists, so I was lucky to be able to spend a night there. I saw how the female turtles struggle ashore to lay their eggs before hauling themselves with what seems like relief back into the ocean. I watched the eggs hatching in the enclosures, protected from predators such as monitor lizards, crabs and birds. And a little sadly, I learned that only about one per cent of the hatched turtles would survive having been allowed to scuttle down to the vast scary sea.

It was a touching, unforgettable experience. I hope the video reflects that. Video experts will doubtless pick holes in my filming skills and feedback is welcome, as always, but you’ve got to start somewhere!