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The Pitons on the island of St Lucia, as seen from the Jade Mountain resort.

The Story

Often on my travels I arrive at my first destination in the dark and have no idea what the place looks like until the morning. On this occasion I arrived in the late afternoon as a heavy rain shower was passing and in time to see the Pitons, the two seaside mountains that are icons of St Lucia, in daylight.

Not a brilliant or original photograph this time, but a true reflection of my first impression anyway!

I’m on an assignment for a Finnish magazine to produce a travel story with photos and I’m staying the first four nights at a fabulous resort, Jade Mountain, the super luxurious sister of the merely extremely luxurious Anse Chastanet located down the hill. They kindly upgraded me even further to an open suite – no windows, just warm tropical air and the frog and cicada chorus at night – with its own infinity pool. I’m struggling to make this sound like work, but you’ll have to take my word for it that I only got the gig because of my considerable writing and photography skills!

The resort was designed by architect Nick Troubetzkoy, who still keeps a supervisory eye over the management with his German wife Karolin. It’s in a fantastic location, reached via a steep, bumpy track and overlooking thick jungle and the two Pitons, with the island of St Vincent on the horizon. It’s my first visit to the eastern Caribbean and it looks like being memorable.

I’m writing this blog before breakfast – quite an achievement for me to do anything before breakfast.

The technical stuff

Yes, it’s the Fujifilm X-Pro1 for this shot, using the 18-55mm zoom. This shot demonstrates one of the features, the film simulation function that allows you to mimic the particular effects of the pre-digital Fuji films.

This shot used the Velvia setting, and the highly saturated colours are typcial of that. It can be a little too saturated sometimes, a little artificial, so it probably needs to be used with care, but I think for this lush setting it works. You can shoot with the Velvia JPEG along with a RAW version – this means if the JPEG doesn’t work out you can still process the shot nicely to get the desired effect.

OK, stomach is rumbling, jet-lagged brain craves carbohydrates, time for brekkie!